I'd been meaning to write up a Twine story for a while now. The [[first time|First Time]] I opened up the program, I was pretty nervous. Then I gave it another shot, this time looking at Anna Anthropy's tutorial step by step and, hey, it wasn't so bad afterall!\n\nThe only problem was where I could possibly host this thing. The answer appeared to me in the form of Dropbox, [[though that had a sort of rocky start as well|Dropbox]].\n\nWhen everything was all squared away, however, I was [[ready to write my story|Story]].
"Twine quit unexpectedly."\n\nHuh?\n\nI was able to retrieve my story as a .tws file, again, thanks to the help of my friend Kim, but as I opened it as an html file, I saw, to my horror, that I didn't save those big changes I made. \n\nThe flustered meeting with the "princess," your being devoured by a plant in one of the bad routes. The passages apart from the beginning one that I most cared about. They were gone now. I felt devastated, and more than that, I felt defeated. I knew I could always go back and re-write it, but I was so proud of those passages and felt so bitter towards Twine for quitting unexpectedly on me like that, I sulked and watched episodes of Adventure Time for [[the rest of the night|Morning]].
My Hot Date With Twine
It didn't come easily, as most stories go, and I had to fumble around with the right words to establish my setting. I was pretty nervous. Even though this was a no-pressure jam that didn't rely on quality or even completion just as long as you had something to turn in or at least tried, I was determined to make my first game a Good One. After all, it was my first game. My first game! Just those three words got me excited and anxious at once.\n\nSo I wrote up the beginning. Short and to the point. I liked how my story was starting out. Then I decided to give it two different "routes." When I reached that bridge, I kind of [[regretted it|Routes]].
Climbing the trees would take you straight to the meat of the story--meeting who you thought was the "princess" (only because of your preconceived notions of what a princess "should" be: pure, gentle, and innocent) taking a bath, and due to you letting out a gasp, she'd quickly spot you, laugh with amusement, and call up her guards to bring you down to her dungeon. This was where the real story would start kicking in, and the "princess" would reveal herself to be queen.\n\n[[back|Routes]]
I woke up the next morning, still feeling bitter and sad over my losses. I still wanted to make a game. I still wanted to submit something to the Jam.\n\nSo I somehow made it past my bitterness with Twine and decided to rekindle our friendship by making an autobiographical game about our first time together, the big crash, and gathering up and reconstructing the pieces again.\n\nI now feel a lot better. I now don't feel bitter towards Twine anymore. This date was a rough one, but I learned from it, and even accomplished something out of it.\n\nThe End
Today is the finally first day of my pal Luna's PULSE POUNDING HEART STOPPING DATING SIM JAM! \n\nI'd been gearing up all week for this moment--I had the general story all laid out in my head: you'd play as a peasant infiltrating this castle to find out about its secrets that have landed your town into a dying state of poverty. No matter what route you tried, however, it'd always end the same: you'd be captured by the queen. From there on out it'd be this kinky story where you have to please the queen enough to be taken in as a sex slave, or face a grisly execution. Shamelessly self-indulgent, I could hardly wait to get started.\n\nBefore the day came, however, I needed to get acquainted with the program I'd be using for it: [[Twine|Twine]].
I opened it along with Anna Anthropy's tutorial on how to make games with Twine side-by-side. I'd later learn it was more straightforward a process than my brain was currently registering it as, but the moment I saw the word "html" I closed it up and figured it'd be best to save it for another day. \n\nReally, it was kind of a blessing that the Jam was ran when it was, otherwise I'm not sure when this "another day" would be.\n\n[[back|Twine]]
This route would give you one of the "bad" endings--your dripping wet clothes and footprints would immediately catch the attention of the guards, they'd catch you, and throw you into a room with a pit where a man-eating plant resided.\n\n[[back|Moat]]
Miles Parsons
I wanted to insert at least a couple possible routes into my story, to make it just a little less linear and a little more interactive. The way it would go would be that you'd enter the castle through two ways: [[by swimming down its icy cold moat and crawling through a crawlspace you saw on the castle wall|Moat]], or by [[climbing trees that led to an open window|Trees]]. \n\nI soon found this to be a pretty tedious task to accomplish, and it felt more like extra padding for the sake of padding than something that really added to the story. But, again, this was a low-pressure jam, and even if my first game wasn't perfect, I still gave it my all.\n\nWhen I finally got the routes done, I felt like throwing my hands up in the air in triumph. They took a little over a day to get done, and I could now get started on the real [[meat of my story|Meat]].
Of course, when I got my Dropbox account, I wasn't sure how to work with it, either. Help came to me by way of Kim; all I needed to do was download the program and drop my file in there. Rad.\n\nOr not so rad because oh no! I wrote up an extremely short, test story, but it only appeared as a download link in Dropbox. I asked Kim what was up, and it turned out all I really needed to do was save it with a .html. Whew. Almost-crisis averted.\n\n[[back|Twine]]
Swimming down the moat and going through the crawlspace would present you with extra two options: one, a room where you heard a woman singing--taking you straight to the meat of the story as the [[tree route|Trees]] did. Two, the [[throne room straight across the hall|Throne Room]].
This is where my hot date with Twine took a tragic turn. I wrote up the meeting with the "princess," the bad ending where you were pulled down by vines and devoured by a plant, and, in short, I was finally getting somewhere.\n\n[[But I didn't save beyond the two routes--those two pesky boulders--I wrote|Save]].