The red string of fate, the connection between soulmates. You've always been able to see them. Had your parents been more liberal, this would've landed you a one way ticket to therapy. Luckily, you're parents brushed it off as an active imagination, so you quickly learned that you weren't normal. \n\nAlmost everyone has this red string tied in a bow to their pinkie finger. Some people don't. \n\nSince you learned what these red strings meant, you've been constantly waiting to see the man you were attached to, yearning for true love like every young girl. You're 18 now, but still as excited for that moment as when you were 10. \n\n[[back|Start]]
You surpress your excitement. You've tricked yourself about this a number of times before, too many times to do it again, you say to yourself. You ignore the string, and stare stubbornly up at the stuckle. \n\nThe door handle to your room wobbles, interupting your self denial. You sit up. Red string haunts your peripheral vision, and your heart begins to pound despite yourself. The door swings open to reveal a tall, european looking girl, ladden with a number of bags and a rolling suitcase. \n\nYou're stricken with a sense of suffocation. The string on your pinkie finger ends on hers.\n\n[[You're not even into girls|Roomies]]
You jump off your bed, your feet thumping hard on the carpetted floor as you launch yourself towards the door. You throw it open, a girl yelps in surprise. \n\nDog tags hover inches from your nose. You follow the chain up to the thin face of a girl who looks painfully eurpoean. \n\n"Woah. Hi" she says.\n"Hi" you say, bobbing back and forth struggling to look around her.\n"I think we're roommates" she says. Though it's painfully obvious.\nYou definitely don't have time for this.\n"Excuse me-" you say, as you begin to push past her. Your eyes flash towards her hand. \n\nOh no.\n\n[[You're not even into girls|Roomies]].
"I'm Holden" she says, placing one of her bags on the ground by her feet, to hold out a polite hand. You shake her hand out of reaction, your eyes wide and your mind blank with pure shock. She tilts her head and gives you a queer look.\n\n"Katherine. I'm Katherine" you say, sheepishly. Holden smiles at you. Her lips are thin, you note, you don't mind though, because they seem soft anyways... She's a whole head taller then you, you only ever did date taller guys. Her hair is ash blonde, eyes green, much like that one actor you fawn over. Your hand sinks into hers nicely, her fingers are long, you wonder how good they are at- What the heck is going through your head?!\n\nYou must've been holding her hand too long because she has to pull it away from you and busy herself with her bags, avoiding eye contact. Man, you're bad at first impressions.\n\nYou really weren't prepared for this moment, because for some reason you blurt out [["a-are you single?"|Why]]\n
You're lying on your bed, staring up at the cielling of your small dorm room. You're trying not to be nervous about starting in this strange school, famous for it's constant parties, and far enough from home that you'll only be able to visit on special occasions. You take comfort in the fact you won't be missing a lot of your friends, considering you only communicate with them online. \n\nYou've been fiddling with the endless [[red string|Red string]] tied around your little finger, twirling it around your digit, watching the string scrape under the doorframe. \n\nThe string becomes taut.\n\nThis has never happened before. You have half a mind to [[panic|Panic]].
You begin to sweat profusely. This has never happened before. You tug on the string a little, despite your effort to pull at more of it, it unravels from your finger. The tautness remains as more and more of the string falls from your hand. You sit up. Your soulmate must be right outside, this is a co-ed residence. \n\nDo you [[go out into the hall|Congradulations it's a girl]] or [[sit tight|Congradulations it's a girlB]]?
Holden gives you that same strange look she gave you not half a second before. She must be used to dealing with weirdos because she calmly places her bag on the bed you hadn't occupied and said "no, I've been seeing someone for a couple years."\n\nFucking damnit what the even fuck. \n\nWait. Why are you mad? You. Are. Not. Into. Girls.\n\nAt least you thought so.\n\n"Sorry for asking so suddenly" you say, regaining enough sense to try to repair the situation. "I was just wondering, I want to get a good idea of who I'll be living with for the next year..." Aw yeeeaaah, you're so goddamn smooth. \n\n"Yeah, of course. You?"\n\nShould you [[tell her about your online boyfriend|Boyfriend]] or [[inform her you're single and ready to mingle (even if she's not)?|Single]]
"I'm in a long distance relationship" you tell her. Thinking about Robb who has glasses and freckkles and likes the same shows you do. Robb who lives in South Carolina. \n\n"How long?" Holden asks, unpacking and utalizing the storage space you left for her.\n\n"Just over a month" you answer truthfully, though you're worried she may be unimpressed. "We met on a Doctor Who forum" you immediately regret sharing that fact while the words are still coming out of your mouth. You're a total loser.\n\n"Doctor Who? My girlfriend watches that all the time, you two would get along."\n\n"Girlfriend?" \n\n"Well, yeah" Holden disssapears into the small closet they would share "I'm a lesbian. You're hetero?"\n\nThe question catches you off gaurd. Do you tell her you're [[straight|Straight]] or [[come up with something|Bisexual]] on the spot?\n\n