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ISSUE 127 | July 2017


Common Ground on the Hill Traditions Week
June 25 - July 7
Antietam Kayaking Tour and Brunch
July 2
Kent County Waterman's Day
July 2
Rock Hall
Annual Derby Day Coaster Race
July 4
Berlin Bathtub Races
July 7
Maple Lawn Street Festival
July 8
Revolutionary London Town
July 8-9
Battle of Monocacy Commemoration
July 8-9
Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament
July 14-16
Paddlepalooza – Paddle the Peninsula
July 15
Reggae Wine Festival
July 15-16
Mount Airy
Reflections on Pine
July 20-23
Friendsville Days
July 21-23
Drink Maryland Craft Beverage Event
July 22
North Beach
Howard County American Indian Pow-Wow
July 22-23
West Friendship
Wheels on the Waterfront Car Show
July 29
Tidewater Archeology Days
July 29-30
St. Mary's City
Fire truck in a parade for Independence Day.

Make the Most of Your Independence Day

In Maryland, we’re pretty proud of our state flag, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to celebrate the red, white and blue! Whether it’s your annual trip to the beach, a day out on the bay, or a hike in the Alleghenies, there’s no better place to celebrate Independence Day than the place they call "America in Miniature." And with parades and fireworks from one end of the state to the other, you’ve got lots of options. Head to our 4th of July page to find a celebration just right for you.

Young lady holding up a steamed crab.

Crab Houses and Seafood Festivals

We don’t have to tell you that Maryland is home to the best seafood on the planet, but did you know July is the best time of the year to enjoy it? (Well, it’s a 12-way tie with all of the other months…) There is nothing quite like a hot Maryland steamed crab right out of the pot and an ice-cold, local craft brew to make the most of a hot summer day. Don’t believe us? Head to an amazing July seafood festival like the Taste of Cambridge Crab Cook-Off & Festival, the Potomac Jazz and Seafood Festival, or the J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake, or find an amazing crab house near you in our Steamed Crab Guide, and you’ll know there’s nothing like Maryland seafood for summer.

People painting

Art Is in the Air at Artscape and These Awesome Plein Air festivals

Grab your easel and hit the streets as Plein Air season hits Maryland. These great festivals attract top artists and encourage you to make your own lasting Maryland image. And in Baltimore, the biggest free arts festival in the nation gets underway as Artscape turns Baltimore into a kaleidoscope of art, music, food and more. Find out more about Artscape and Maryland’s great Plein Air festivals on our website.

People on a roller coaster

Fill Your Summer with Thrills

Fill your summer with thrills. As the mercury climbs, so does our urge to get wild! Whether you prefer hurtling along a steel track with the velocity of a speeding bullet, winging through a forest dangling on a zip-line, testing your will against a raging river, or trading paint with friends on a twisting road course, you’re sure to find your fix at our Adrenaline Rush page, because Maryland is the place where your adrenaline dreams become reality.

Father and little girl at a fair

County Fair Season is Here

Ferris wheels, prized pigs, and all the fried twinkies you can eat means it must be county fair season in Maryland. Head to our County Fairs page and get out to see what makes Maryland unique, because for some folks, it just isn't summer until you've walked that midway.

People swimming at a water park

Make a Splash at These Amazing Water Parks and Swimming Holes

Looking for a hot way to cool off? We’ve got you covered with amazing waterparks and their towering water slides and down-home swimming holes perfect for a summer dip. Follow this link to find your perfect spot on our web site.

Little boy enjoying an ice cream cone.

I Scream for Ice Creams

Maryland's rich ice cream history dates back to the mid-18th century, when Maryland native and proprietary governor (1742-1746) Thomas Bladen reportedly served the first ice cream in the New World. At an official dinner in 1744, Bladen's guests were treated to ice cream with strawberries and milk. Maryland has numerous dairies, creameries and specialty shops that serve up your favorite scoops. Maryland even has an Ice Cream Trail! Head to our web site and follow the Ice Cream Trail from one delicious destination to the next.

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