every headlight behind me, i just want to [[curl]]
[[any movement]] is suspect
didn't finish what i set out to, but [[so it goes]]
remembering the [[shots]]
passing streetlights to see my [[shadow]] alone is relief
think over my life, make peace -- [[had a good run]]
knife gripped tight in my [[pocket]]
"oh, i'm alright."
[[pray to the brand]] on its edge for protection
into a tight ball [[behind a bush]]
[[please don't see me]]
[[so i tell]] her everything
i wanna make a call to wake my grandmother to [[get me]]
to turn the corner, spin, cut the lights and, [[as i cross]], come gunning
[[and it goes:]]
walking home
now the [[pulse]] in my ears has mingled with the beat
heart racing and [[loveless]]
my cousin [[asks]] how i'm doing
winchester's my angel [[tonight]], no question
death grips blaring in my [[headphones]]
but i'm two-hundred and fifty pounds, over [[six feet]]
hope i'm still the [[monster]] nobody wants to touch
i can't make [[the walk]]
but when it sways, my only thought is [[any car could be the one]]
hit the block, get home [[safe]] in the door
twist my thumb to fold the blade out, [[feel the metal]]
volume high [[as it goes]]
[[sweat-coated face]], damn near running uphill
praying don't die, phone, i might lose my [[nerve]]
cool against my heated thoughts, less a weapon than a [[talisman]]
and the [[body]] found just a few blocks away early this month