You make sure he’ll see it and jumps on board. The doors shut behind you, and you soon feel how you get further and further away from the station, and watch as everything outside gets darker.\n\n[[∗|Ending A2]]
<<timedgoto "Ending A4" 4s >>\nHe arrives at the station.
<<silently>>\n<<timedgoto "Ending A3" 1.5s >>\n<<endsilently>>
“<<print $playerName>>”\n\n\n[[∗|Ending A6]]
He looks around, but can’t see you anywhere; \ninstead he finds something else, just by the check-in terminals. He leans closer to read it.\n<<silently>>\n<<timedgoto "Ending A5" 10s >>\n<<endsilently>>
\n\n[[Notes on departure|at the station]]
\nHe will not make it. If you hurry, you should \nhave enough time to leave him a message, before communications are cut. The speaker calls out again. [[You’ve got ten seconds.|10 seconds]]
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\n\n“... for The Star Colony is due to depart in [[approximately two minutes|ticket]].”
You’re at the station. You’ve been standing there counting down till departure and it’s not long now. It doesn’t seem like he will make it. You don’t know how long you’ll be gone; the company says the estimated time is a couple of months, but you’ve heard about people who have been [[away for years|speakers]] before they were able to come back.
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Notes on departure, by\n[[IOE|]]\n[[EEE|]]\n\nmade for Ludum Dare 27\n\ndid you write anything? [[send me your message|]] and maybe it will turn into something beautiful in the future
Notes on departure
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\nYou step into the spacecraft and the doors shut behind you.\n\nThen you turn around to look out the [[window|Ending B2]].
<<silently>>\n<<timedgoto "Ending B3" 1.5s >>\n<<endsilently>>
Outside; almost pitch-black. The stars appear as \ndots, the way it is with things as you look at them too close, like a broken display with a few bright pixels.\n\nBecause space is not far away. Space is quite near, \nand if you want you can bring your face close to it \nand discern all the bright pixel worlds.\n\n[[∗|Ending B4]]
You’ve already got your boarding pass. Now you’re just waiting for him to show up so that you can wave at him one last time. You just want to see his face. \n\nIt’s the traffic, of course, it’s always the traffic. The only crafts ever to be on time are the ones who [[leave|message]].
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<<silently>>\n<<timedgoto "Ending B1" 10s >>\n<<endsilently>>\nWrite?\n<<textinput $playerName>>\n[[done|Ending A1]]